The mission of Catholic Life Television is “to serve as an effective instrument of Catholic evangelization, through the medium of television, in support of the overall mission of the Diocese of Baton Rouge—to proclaim the Good News of God’s love made manifest in Jesus Christ.”

The Television Apostolate “will carry out its evangelization ministry by giving voice and image to the vision embodied in the Diocesan Strategic Plan for Evangelization, namely: extending an invitation to all to respond to the Good News within the fullness of the Catholic faith; offering resources for renewal within the Catholic community; sharing the Church’s desire to achieve reconciliation with those Catholics who are alienated from the community; and promoting Gospel values to assist in the transformation of the world into the Kingdom of God.”

Nationally-recognized programs, plus award-winning programs produced in the Diocesan studios, are available by live streaming broadcast, 24-hours a day, on the station’s website——as well as through customary service providers.

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for Reflection and Study

Through the Year with Pope Francis: Daily Reflections

Lives of The Saints: For Everyday in the Year

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Made Stainless

From the Stewardship Today Archives, February 2012  

Midway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, tourists occasionally visit an historic site once known as the National Leprosarium, a facility unknown today to many outside the city of Carville—due largely to a century of ministry on the part of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and the equally diligent service of the many devoted and gifted medical practitioners and researchers who addressed the once-dread disease leprosy. Known as ‘unclean,’ those who have historically suffered from leprosy—or Hansen’s disease—have been isolated from the rest of society. more


Televised Mass

Catholic Life Television broadcasts the Tuesday Midday Mass, live from St. Joseph Cathedral at 12 Noon, and rebroadcasts the service at 6 PM and 10:30 PM. Visit for a variety of daily Catholic programming.

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From St. Gregory the Great,
Concerning Preparation



“Christ, by whom all things were made,
            himself has fasted and has prayed.
Alone and fasting, Moses saw
            the loving God who gave the Law.
And to Elijah, fasting, came
           the steeds and chariots of flame.
So, Daniel trained his mystic sight,
           delivered from the lion’s might.
And John, the Bridegroom’s friend,
           became the herald of Messiah’s name.
Then grant us, Lord, like them to be
           oft in fast and prayer with Thee.
Our spirits strengthen with Thy grace,
           and give us joy to see Thy face.”


“Return to me with your whole heart, with fasting, weeping, and mourning. Rend your hearts, not your garments, and return to the Lord, your God, for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love, and relenting in punishment.”

(Joel 2:12b-13; New American Bible, Revised Edition)


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Planned Giving

Put the Checkbook Away:
Turn Today’s Gift into a Gift for Tomorrow

When people think about giving to a charitable institution like the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge, cash seems like the easiest way to give. Simply write a check, and your generosity helps address our most immediate needs. But, what about the long-term needs of those we serve? What about them?

Read more . . .

And, for additional information concerning Diocese of Baton Rouge Planned Giving options, please visit the “Plan My Legacy” page through the Office of Stewardship website:


Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Vatican Website

Diocese of Baton Rouge Office of Stewardship

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From St. Cyril of Jerusalem:

“Have you run so many circles of the years bustling vainly about the world, and yet you don’t have forty days to be free for prayer for your own soul’s sake?”


Stewardship: A Louisiana Legacy


Please Support

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal


 steward2 oct2017

Join with fellow parishioners to actively support the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. It takes so little to mean so much. As Jesus said, God’s kingdom is “like a mustard seed that, when it is sown in the ground, is the smallest of all the seeds on the earth. But once it is sown, it springs up and becomes the largest of plants and puts forth large branches, so that the birds of the sky can dwell in its shade” (Mk 4:31-32). We realize the greatest impact when generous parishioners join together and give. Moved by Faith, please take part in this great work of God. more

A Letter from Bishop Robert W. Muench...Read more

The Stewardship of Prayer

prayer feb2018The Source of His Power

Jesus, Son of God and Savior of mankind, was a great teacher, commanding respect and recognized as a voice of authority. He often spoke inside Galilean synagogues, just as he often preached to crowds of people everywhere he traveled. In the first chapter of the Gospel of Mark, the writer records Jesus teaching in the Capernaum synagogue on the Sabbath. In the course of that service, the Lord cast out “an unclean spirit”—in the middle of the service, on the floor of the synagogue. It’s no wonder then, as Jesus and his followers headed to Simon Peter’s house after sunset, a great crowd of people gathered around him. The multitudes followed Jesus everywhere. That’s certain. Equally sure was his commitment to prayer, time for solace and solitary reflection. He spent time with the people. He also took time with his Heavenly more


Seek Him, When Life Seems Futile
... read more

The Stewardship of Ministry

miistry feb2018Identify Yourself—as a Follower of Christ

“Identify yourself! Identify yourself!” From a classic science fiction story, the words conjure countless situations just like it—in literature, as in life—though certainly less dramatic in reality. “The glowing points of yellow light represented the enemy fleet. Base Q to unknown fleet, bearing four-one-one-seven. Range 1-0-0. Identify yourself! Identify yourself! The words spaced out with painful clarity, a hush had fallen over the Information Center.” To incoming spacecraft, “Identify yourself!” Suspenseful and entertaining? Of course. Perhaps even more so to an approaching intruder: “Identify yourself!” In the Scriptures, St. Paul suggested a different type of identification completely—one establishing connections.. . . .read more


He Appointed Twelve ... read more

The Stewardship of Finance

finance feb2018Nothing Can Separate Us


In one news photo, a line of people stretches well into the distance, most of them dressed in casual shirts, slacks and comfortable footwear. But they’re not waiting for concert tickets, they are not in line to vote, nor are they waiting to purchase the latest holiday specials. Each individual is pictured toting an empty five-gallon container. Citizens of Cape Town, South Africa, adults of both genders and all ages are waiting for water. The city is in the midst of an extended drought and faces a menacing obstacle: a city of millions without sufficient water. Rationing limits usage to 13 gallons per person (the typical American uses seven times that amount every day), but it appears those limits will not be enough.. . .read more


Like Lye in the Laundry ... read more

“Those who have love are born of God; those who have no love are not born of God. This is the great sign, the great distinction. Possess whatever you want, but if you are lacking this one thing, the rest will be of no value to you.”                                                                                              

                                                                                 St. Augustine of Hippo

“If we wish to make any progress in the service of God, we must begin every day of our life with new ardor.”

                                                                                 St. Charles Cardinal Borromeo

“Don’t talk too much, not even with words that are wise; for even words that are wise, if they are too many, become wearisome.”

                                                                                 St. Ephraem the Syrian

“It is good that faith should precede reason, lest we seem to demand reasons from our Lord God in the same way that we might demand them of a man. How unworthy it would be to believe the human testimonies of another, and not believe the utterances of God himself.”

                                                                                 St. Ambrose of Milan

Stewardship Today is a monthly devotional newsletter designed to assist Catholics everywhere in developing a greater understanding of the role of stewardship in everyday life.
All we are, and all we possess, are gifts from God for our use and for the blessing of others. Through wise stewardship, we invest our time, our talents and our treasures to the glory of God.

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